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Nutrimaize 28 (Maize Balancer)

Nutrimaize 28 is a sweet high Protein liquid feed which is based on a blend of pure cane molasses and bonded urea that is ideal for use as a Maize Balancer or in diets based on whole crop wheat. The High Nutrient Density of Nutrimaize 28 is designed to make it perfect for high yielding dairy cows. The bonded urea element in the liquid gives a regulated release of energy and protein for Better Rumen Utilisation. Nutrimaize 28 is a Urea based liquid that is suitable for feeding in all diets including dairy, beef and sheep! And is more economical to use against similar products with a lower DM and CP content.

Typical Analysis

Dry Matter 66 NCGD N/A Salt 1.0
Crude Protein 28.0 NDF N/A Calcium 1
DCP 28.0 Starch 0 Total Phos 0.3
ME 12.0 Sugar 62.0 Av Phos N/A
Crude Fibre 0 Starch & Sugars 62.0 Magnesium 0.4
Oil (EE) 0 FME 12.0 Potassium 3.5
Ash 13.5 ERDP 225 Sodium 0.15

Analysis Glossary

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What is Nutrimaize 28

  • Source of sugars and protein
  • Contains bonded urea for regulated protein release
  • Versatile can be used in dairy, beef & sheep diets
  • Easy to handle at low temperatures

Feeding Guidelines

  • Dairy 1-2 kg/head/day
  • Youngstock 0.5-1.5 kg/head/day
  • Beef 0.5-1.5 kg/head/day
  • Sheep 0.1-0.15 kg/head/day

The actual feeding level will depend on the quality and quantity of other dietary constituents and the performance level required. As with all feeding stuffs, introduce gradually over 7-14 days to rumination livestock.

Nutrimaize 28 or Nutrimaize 46 be offered in complete diet feeders, forage boxes or simply poured over the forage. Please seek nutritional advice before feeding in a diet that contains Grass Silage

Limits to Usage

  • None

Physical Characteristics

  • Easy flowing with little or no increase in viscosity at low temperatures.
  • Viscosity (cps at 20°C) 600
  • Litres per tonne : 722

Storage / Processing

  • Store in cool dry conditions.
  • Material to have been stored in compliance with DEFRA code of practice for the control of salmonella.

Reference / Further Reading


How does Nutrimaize work

Nutrimaize is a revolutionary high protein liquid feed based on pure cane molasses and Bonded Urea. This combination of tradition with technology provides a valuable ingredient for maize silage based diets.

Nutrimaize has been developed for use as a major supplier of ERDP in dairy diets based mostly on maize silage or other low protein forages.

It combines the ease and cost effectiveness of a liquid feed with the high nutrient density required in modern dairy diets.

The protein contained in NutriMaize is derived mainly from Bonded Urea. This is manufactured by a unique process which involves the bonding of urea to individual glucose molecules. This greatly increases the resistance to enzyme attack, thus avoiding the sudden, excessive release of ammonia associated with non-bonded urea.

Bonded Urea is broken down slowly enough for the rumen microbes to make use of it. Therefore a phased release of nutrients is achieved which provides rumen microbes with a steady supply of both protein (ERDP) and energy (FME) to manufacture microbial protein for the cow's use.

To provide full flexibility on-farm NutriMaize is available as either a 28, 46 or 66% protein liquid.

The bonding process

The process of bonding requires a source of sugar as a base, making cane molasses the natural choice. The urea is added and bonds to glucose molecules using a precise combination of heat, time and acidity. The mix is then normalised leaving Bonded Urea in stable form in the liquid.

Trial Work

Trials have shown that Nutrimaize 46 can be used to replace a soya/rape mix 1:1, with increased forage intakes and improved milk quality and, importantly, no increase in milk ureas (Rodbaston College).


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