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Scotmol Molasses

(Molale, Tecmol Syrup)

Palatable blend of cane molasses, the black sticky liquid co-product of sugar refining and nutritious liquids from the Scottish distillery industry. Scotmol provides a well balanced profile of nutrients and is therefore suitable for a wide range of uses for both cattle and sheep. An excellent source of protein it is likeable in energy and palatability to standard molasses and will increase fibre intake together and improving digestion efficiency in ruminants. It reduces dust in a mixture, aids pelleting and is a good source of minerals.

Typical Analysis

Dry Matter 60.0 NCGD N/A Salt 2
Crude Protein 12.5 NDF N/A Calcium 0.5
DCP 12.5 Starch 0 Total Phos 0.3
ME 12.5 Sugar 50.0 Av Phos N/A
Crude Fibre 0 Starch & Sugars 50.0 Magnesium 0.5
Oil (EE) 0 FME 12.5 Potassium 3.0
Ash 16.0 ERDP 92 Sodium 0.2

Analysis Glossary

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Did you know?

Scotmol can be added to straw at high levels and fed as an alternative to silage in both dairy and beef cattle rations.


Farm molasses such as Scotmol is available in quantities ranging from a minimum of 5 tonnes up to a maximum of 29 tonnes.

Storage / Processing

Stores well for up to one year. 

Material to have been stored in compliance with DEFRA code of practice for the control of salmonella.

Reference / Further Reading


Scotmol Molasses

  • Boosts forage intake
  • Source of energy and protein
  • Easy to handle
  • Background copper content useful for cattle

Recommended Feeding (per head/day)

  • Dairy 1 - 2.5 Kg
  • Youngstock 1 - 2 kg
  • Beef 1 - 2 Kg


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