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Feed Glycerine is a light coloured, odourless, sweet tasting, energy dense liquid that is a by-product of biofuel production using vegetable oils. Glycerine can help improve energy supply to high yielding dairy cows both before and after calving and therefore have a positive impact on health and performance during the entire lactation.

Typical Analysis

Solids (%) 86 ME (MJ/Kg) 15 Ash % 11.6
Glycerol (%) 80 min        

Analysis Glossary

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Did you know?

Researchers have determined that the net energy value of glycerine in sheep, steers and dairy cows was equal to or greater than that of Corn grain.


This liquid is only available on a spot load basis

Storage / Processing

Treat as you would with any typical molasses.

Material to have been stored in compliance with DEFRA code of practice for the control of salmonella.

Reference / Further Reading


Feed Glycerine

  • Energy dense liquid
  • Improve energy supply
  • Odourless sweet tasting liquid

Recommended Feeding (per head/day)

  • Please seek nutritional advice to determine best feeding rate


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