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Double Pressed Apple Pulp is made from apples are pressed in the manufacture of cider. The remaining skins are high in digestible fibre and are therefore a valuable and nutritious feed.


Double Pressed Apple Pulp is suitable for inclusion in Dairy, Beef and Sheep rations. An excellent supplement to grass and maize silage when supplies are limited or of poor quality. It is a good source of digestible, economical source of energy and stimulates feed intake.

Typical Daily Feeding Rates

Anything up to 15 kg/h/d

Typical Analysis

Dry Matter 30% NDF -
Total Sugars (DM) - Starch -
Crude Protein 8% Sugar -
ME (MJ/kg DM) 10.8%    
Fibre 20%    
Oil 2.0%    
Ash 2.0%    

Analysis Glossary

Storage and Handling

As a moist feed Double Pressed Apple Pulp should be store in sealed clamp. Compact the Pulp as much as possible (do not drive in Double Pressed Apple Pulp, compression with loader bucket is ideal). For best result the clamp should be left sealed for a period of 7 days before opening.

Material to have been stored in compliance with DEFRA code of practice for the control of salmonella.


From end September to December - whilst stocks last

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