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Celiplus has a similar feeding value to Brewers Grains in terms of the high level of digestible fibre. However, one major difference is that since it is not a plant extract, the fibre content of Celiplus is virtually 100% digestible cell walls with no 'woody' components such as lignin elements. The superb quality of the fibre content in Celiplus is reflected in the D-Value (88%) which is higher than either barley or sugar beet pulp!

Celiplus is a co-product from citric acid production. The process involves the fermentation of molasses using an inoculum of the yeast Aspergillus niger to produce citric acid. Once purified the citric acid is used in the human food industry as a preservative and flavouring (sharpening) agent. Following extraction of the citric acid, the remaining fermented molasses and spent yeast comprises Celiplus, which is used as a unique animal feed.

Typical Analysis

Dry Matter 20.0 NCGD 88.0 Salt -
Crude Protein 15.0 NDF 65% Calcium 0.3
DCP   Starch - Total Phos 0.1
ME 11 - 12.3 Sugar - pH 3.1
Fibre 35% Starch & Sugars < 10% Magnesium 0.1
Oil (EE) 2.7 FME 11.6 Potassium 2.2
Ash 1.8     Copper 3 mg

Analysis Glossary

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Due to its 'sharp' taste Celiplus is best fed as part of a total mixed ration (TMR). However, stock do find it reasonably palatable and will take it 'neat' if given time to become accustomed to it. As with all feedingstuffs, introduce gradually over 7-14 days.

Typical Daily Feeding Rates (kg per head)
Dairy and Beef Cows
5 - 10 kg
Beef Finishers
4 - 8 kg
Stores and Dairy Replacements
3 - 6 kg
1 - 3 kg

Storage / Processing

Like all moist feeds Celiplus is perishable and therefore requires ensiling for long term stability. To achieve maximum shelf-life, do not allow to come into contact with other other feeds.

Celiplus should be ensiled for long term storage.

Material to have been stored in compliance with DEFRA code of practice for the control of salmonella.

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